Covid-19-Classes and Social Dancing

As Covid has been a big part of all of our lives since March, I will start with it as my topic in my first post. Its based solely on observations and my ramblings.

As we seem to be in the cross over phase with (hopefully) most people returning to work and with shops, markets, bowling alleys, Gyms, Fitness classes etc, now open, things appear to be "normal" but are they? What about social dancing?

I have been communicating with a lot of the teachers globally in the swing dance scene and nobody to date has a definitive answer of partner dance classes and social partner dancing.

Some teachers are now running their classes virtual, (2D) but what about the human touch and social experience? (3D) The majority of swing dancers go to regular classes and dance camps not just to improve their dance technique and improve their ability but also to meet people, make friends and to socially interact with each other.

But what now? Some International teachers/Instructors who have started dance classes seem to be doing solo classes, either jazz steps or honing on core technique and movement of that dance. In the UK where infection rates are still fluctuating I can see this being the "new norm" as and when instructors open their doors.

I'm aware that internationally, some dance scenes are beginning to social dance, largely in countries where infection rates are non existent or extremely low, with some of it being held outside in warmer climates, but even here the social dancing has changed. It seems in the short term that it is no longer acceptable to just dance with anyone, but people in small groups dancing between themselves.

I'm hoping that as infection rates fall in the UK maybe it can become socially acceptable to form small social dance pockets, with dancers teaming up in small groups either married/partners/friends, teaming up together to form dance "bubbles" only dancing between themselves, keeping a social distance from other dance "bubbles", accountable and traceable. I hope it happens soon but don't think the UK is quite there, just not ready for it, but soon I hope.

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